Aug 5th Stay Alert - Avoid Scams Like This

If you own a domain, at one time or another, you're likely going to see a scam like the one mentioned here. Don't fall for it! Unfortunately, certain people are desparate and they're good at hiding while attempting to take your money.   Today, we received this 'invoice' in the mail. Right away, we knew it is a scam but we want to make sure ... Read More »

Jul 24th When is the last time you reviewed the security of your business and/or personal website?

If you’re like the majority, it’s very likely that you haven’t done much to make sure your website is secure from hackers. In today’s news, we’re always hearing of new cyber attacks on large businesses. What we don’t hear much about are the attacks on smaller websites and what they did or didn’t have in place for security.Over the ... Read More »